Driven by famed racers, this is a very technical track including the Corkscrew turns and drops.

The Corkscrew is a one-of-a-kind turn in motorsports. Here’s what makes the hard-left, hard-right combination so spectacular:

At the apex to Turn 8 (the lefthander and entry to The Corkscrew), the elevation change is a 12 percent drop. By the time a race car reaches the apex of Turn 8A (the righthander), the elevation is at its steepest – an 18 percent drop. The Corkscrew drops 59 feet between the entrance of Turn 8 to the exit of Turn 8A—the equivalent of a 5½ story drop—in only 450 feet of track length. From Turn 8 to Turn 9, the elevation falls 109 feet, or just over 10 stories.

A legendary track located in the breathtaking scenery of the central California coast, Laguna Seca has hosted many of the famous racing legends. This is a very technical track that requires strategy.

If you are an amateur racer or driving sim racer looking for insights from others, this is a must. For the students who are applying science, technology, engineering and math principles to the track be prepared for complex problems!



Our training is self-paced practice sessions in the privacy of your own space without distractions from other drivers or players.

Car 101: Learn the basics of race cars and their components. We review aero and wrap up our componentry breakdown of the 71 McLaren M8.

Race Instruction: Training becomes more technical on our “home” racetrack. Receive racing instruction from two pro drivers – Erin Vogel and Dominic Cicero.

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Job Opps: Discover STEM career opportunities as we explore a variety of job opportunities with Carvana.

Special Guests: “Fireside chat” with Laguna Seca’s track foreman who is an avid iRacing enthusiast – Dillon DeBord.


Our team has compiled notes to help you understand the nuances of the track. A good way to learn if you are a beginner and great items to review if you are experienced.


Get in the driver’s seat in our videos to see our pro’s lines. Then start practicing! Share your DRIVE on IG at our hashtag #DRIVEtoWIN so that we can share your laps too!