Ready for the challenge of elevation changes and blind corners? Level up with our last track.

Carved out of the red Georgia clay on a 750-acre plot north of Atlanta in 1969 when David Sloyer, Earl Walker and Arthur Montgomery began with the curious idea of placing a world-class road racing circuit in the heart of stock-car country. Over the decades Road Atlanta has experienced major improvements and is host to major events like Motul Petit Le Mans, Drift Atlanta, and the The Mitty. 

Car and Driver picked 6 road racing courses around the US that they say, “generally date back to a time when racetracks were supposed to have elevation changes, blind corners, and distinct personalities.” And, “In the good old days, danger was an accepted part of the deal, and we think a scintilla of fear makes for a more challenging competition venue.”



Our training is self-paced practice sessions in the privacy of your own space without distractions from other drivers or players.

Car 101: Learn the basics of race cars and their components. We review and compare different types of racecars in this segment.

Race Instruction: The racing gets intense as we practice on the track that hosts the Petit Le Mans. Receive racing instruction from two pro drivers – Erin Vogel and Dominic Cicero.

Business & PR Instruction: Develop your spokesperson and business skillset. Get spokesperson advice on answering questions of the media.

Job Opps: Discover STEM career opportunities and go in-depth at iRacing as we explore a variety of job options for those who love racing and esports!

Special Guests: “Fireside chat” gets interesting with iRacing’s  Broadcast Director, Drew Adamson.


Our team has compiled notes to help you understand the nuances of the track. A good way to learn if you are a beginner and great items to review if you are experienced.


Get in the driver’s seat in our videos to see our pro’s lines. Then start practicing! Share your DRIVE on IG at our hashtag #DRIVEtoWIN so that we can share your laps too!