It’s Time to Level Up with VIR’s 18 turns! VIRginia International Raceway is a multi-purpose road course offering professional and amateur auto and motorcycle racing. As one of the most challenging and unique road courses in the country, VIR is also a popular testing facility for drivers, series, car clubs and manufacturers alike. From NASCAR to the Sports Car Club of America, motorsports enthusiasts trust VIR to make sure their cars or bikes are running at their peak level.

In the words of the late actor and racer, Paul Newman, who raced in both amateur and professional competition since the 1970s, “if there’s a heaven on Earth, it’s VIR.”

Our DRIVE Training Series is positioning sim drivers to learn the love of racing with the same passion that Paul Newman possessed. With the training you receive along with the practice that you devote, you will develop skills that will enhance your driving abilities.



Our training is self-paced practice sessions in the privacy of your own space without distractions from other drivers or players.

Car 101: Learn the basics of race cars and their components. Now we start to explore the chassis and engine on the 71 McLaren M8. Race Instruction: We now to start to break down turns into groups to perfect our line. Receive racing instruction from two pro drivers – Erin Vogel and Dominic Cicero. Business & PR Instruction: Develop your spokesperson and business skillset. We talk about our social media checklist as our marketing story grows as a spokesperson. Job Opps: Discover STEM career opportunities with a visit to the driving simulator manufacturer ATS. Special Guests: “Fireside chat” with engineer, motorsports PR expert and SAE mentor special guest Dean Case


Our team has compiled notes to help you understand the nuances of the track. A good way to learn if you are a beginner and great items to review if you are experienced.


Get in the driver’s seat in our videos to see our pro’s lines. Then start practicing! Share your DRIVE on IG at our hashtag #DRIVEtoWIN so that we can share your laps too!